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Easter Hope

I know for many of us Easter is another holiday, a long weekend to look forward to relaxing with our loved ones and recovering from the year so far. Easter has always been a special time in my family since I was young. As a child, the highlight of Easter for me was the chocolate eggs. My brothers and I got to choose the eggs that we wanted and we would stare at them for days on end until Easter Sunday came and we could finally devour them. As I’ve grown older, I’ve realised that Easter eggs (although delicious) are not the only reasons to look forward to Easter, but rather the hope that Easter brings. Whether you're a Christian, a person of...

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A Prayer for You

May you always be satisfied, May your dreams come true. When you are tested and tried, May the gold go to you. May joy be your portion, Prosperity too. May God Himself look down, In trials, see you through.   May kindness keep you warm, With adventures in view. May success result, In everything you pursue. May love and war, Shape your world view. And angels look down, To cater to you.   May passion run deep, Like an ancient taboo. May you capture and keep, The next heart you pursue. When the end has come, And your account is due, May heaven look down, And gladly welcome you. — Poem by Jessica Puri Photography by Marco Mansi

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