About Us

Inspired by faith, culture and travel, Prayers and Plans is a Luxury Loungewear brand for the modern-day woman focused on igniting meaningful conversations. Slow fashion, local craftsmanship and women empowerment are at the core of our brand.

Comfort creates confidence and confident women walk in their purpose. Our modern interpretation of timeless classics that every woman should own, is influenced by that need for comfort infused with style. We want women to feel elegant, relaxed and sanguine when they wear Prayers and Plans.

We're a slow fashion brand, committed to the elevation of Luxury and sustainability from Africa, so all of our pieces are handcrafted locally by Artisans at our Atelier in Nigeria. Each piece is designed to be functional and flattering to you inside and outside of the bedroom and take you effortlessly from day to night. So, you can build a Lounge and Resort repertoire that transcends seasons with Prayers and Plans.